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​1. The Darts Over OKC Tournament is an amateur dart tournament that welcomes LGBT players and our friends and allies who participate in the LGBT dart community.

2. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse entry to any player for any reason.

3. You must be at least 21 years old to participate in the tournament.

4. Players should pre-register online for the tournament. (If you are unable to pre-register online, you may contact us via email or at 405-473-0867 to give the names of team players.) You can pay online or registration night.

5. If any player knowingly provides false or misleading information in regards to their amateur status, they will be removed from the tournament.

6. All players must present a valid driver's license or picture identification with date of birth, at registration.

7. If you are unable to attend registration, you are responsible for providing a photocopy of your valid driver's license or picture id with date of birth to your team captain.
8. Early bird entry fee is one hundred dollars ($100) per team. Checks must be received by August 28th to be eligible for the early bird entry fee rate.  Credit/debit card payments and cash will be accepted through September 1st.  (Checks or money orders must be made out to Darts Over Oklahoma City and mailed to PO Box 54946, Oklahoma City, OK 73154.)  There will be no refunds after August 28th.

9. The entry fee is one hundred twenty - five dollars ($125) per team that registers after August 28th.  

10. Teams who take advantage of the early bird registration may change their team roster no later than 10:00 pm on the night of registration.

11. Each tournament match will be first to win three (3) out of five (5) games. The matches consist of 4 games of 301 open-in / masters-out (Freeze rule applies), and one game of 501 piggy back open-in / masters-out (Freeze rule applies). In all games (four) 4 positions are played in order to make freezing/blocking possible. Players of each team will provide quarters for tournament play.

12.  Freeze rule: If at any time in the game, your opponents combined scores are less than that of your partner, you cannot go to zero. If a player goes to zero and his partners score is higher than the opponents combined scores, the game is a forfeit and the win is credited to the opponent with the lowest score.

13. A player may pass on any or all darts on any turn.

14. Matches will be played over a number of venues (bar hopping)

15. Players must be behind the toe line at all times during tournament play.

16. A team wins a game if their teammate brings his/her score down to zero (0) and that team has the lowest combined score. If the score is tied, the team with the player that reaches zero (0) first, wins. A team must forfeit the game and the opponent with the lowest score credited the win if a team whose player reaches zero (0) with a higher combined score than that of their opponent.

17. It is the players' responsibility to make sure the screen on the dart board is displaying the correct player's number prior to throwing any darts. A player must not throw his/her darts until after the screen shows that it has switched to the next player. Any dart thrown early, may not be thrown over or manually scored.

18. If a player throws his/her darts when it is the turn of a player on the opposing team, all points scored will remain on the board and the board will be advanced so that the correct player may have a full turn.

19. If a player throws when it is the turn of a teammate, all points scored will remain on the board and both that team's players will be passed on their next turn.

20. If a player throws out of turn and it ends the game, that player's team forfeits that game. The opponent with the lowest score is credited with the win.

21. If a dart is dropped across the throw line and it lands on the floor past the throw line, it is considered a thrown dart and the player loses that point. This is not debatable by the captains of the team.

22.  The dart board is always right.  Example: if a player throws a Triple 11 but the dart board registers a Single 11, the player cannot manually input the Triple 11 as the correct score.  

23. If a player and/or team is absent or perceived as stalling the game and/or match when it is his/her turn, it is the responsibility of the opposing team's captain to notify the Tournament Director immediately.

24. If you need to confer with your team about your next play, you must step back from the toe line. If you fail to do this, you may lose your turn.

25. At the completion of a match, each team captain must double-check the score sheet and sign it.

26. It is the responsibility of the winning team's captain to call/text the scores in to the score keeper and turn in the score sheets with both captains signatures into the Scorekeeper. In the event of a missing score sheet, both team captains will have to recreate a new sheet and sign it before a DOKC member and turn it in. No wins will be credited without a score sheet.

27. Should any other problems arise that are not addressed above, the team captain that perceives the problem should stop the game and contact the Tournament Director immediately. Any problems that are not immediately brought to the attention of the Tournament Director will not be considered if play continues.

28. Decisions of the Tournament Director are final.
29. The Darts Over OKC Tournament is straight-friendly, however it is an LGBT event, so each team must consist of at least two (2) LGBT players.

30. To establish eligibility, all players must present valid, state-issued photo identification during tournament registration.

31. The following determine eligibility for the tournament:

(a) A player must be an amateur;

(b) A player must have participated in a meaningful and ongoing way in LGBT dart leagues or events within one year prior to the tournament;

(c) A player may not be nationally ranked based on certain generally accepted national rankings systems determined at the time of registration closing. A player may not be listed among the following darters:

  •   American Darters Association (ADA): American Dart League (ADL) Top Darters & Pro List 
  •   Soft Tip Neutralizer Men 
  •   Soft Tip Neutralizer Women
  •   Soft Tip American Open League Men
  •   Soft Tip American Open League Women
  •   Steel Tip Neutralizer Men
  •   Steel Tip Neutralizer Women
  •   Steel Tip American Open League Men
  •   Steel Tip American Open League Women
  •   Pro Darters List
  •   American Darts Organization (ADO)
  •   ADO Men's National Rankings
  •   ADO Women's National Rankings
  •   Arachnid's Pro Lists (Bullshooter)
  •   Pro List
  •   Pro AA List
  •   Women's A List
  •   Women's AA List
  •   National Dart Association (NDA)
  •   '01 Rankings (Top 1,100 NDA players are prohibited from playing in this tournament)
  •   Any other generally accepted rankings systems and/or lists determined by the Board.

32. The Board reserves the right to make all final and binding decisions as to the eligibility of any player to join or continue to play on a participating team.  

33. All players and cheerleaders are expected to act with good sportsmanship. If any said person(s) cause any type of disruption or disturbance before, during or after play, Darts Over OKC retains the right to remove that person(s) from the event and any future events.